About Me

I'm Henry Hill, an alumnus of the University of Manchester and presently a  Masters student at Trinity College, Dublin. I'm a writer and a Conservative and Unionist Party activist. I also have an NCTJ certificate in journalism, courtesy of News Associates of Manchester.

I was voted the 8th ranked Conservative blogger in the United Kingdom in the 2011 Total Politics Blog Awards, and the 16th ranked Right Wing blogger.

This makes me the top-ranked right-wing student political blogger in the United Kingdom.  I was honoured to be judged winner of the 2011 Young Writer on Liberty competition organised by the Adam Smith Institute.

Activities and Experience
In addition to authoring this blog, I'm also a regular comment writer at The Student Journals and Editor of BullsEye, the news magazine of European Democrat Students, an organisation of over 1.6 million students from across the European Union and beyond. Since September 2011 I have been Editor of Open Unionism, and in January I started a weekly column at Conservative Home. I also write fortnightly for the International Business Times UK, and occasionally blog for the Huffington Post.

I participated in the politics of the University of Manchester student union, serving as a councillor (the first Conservative for god knows how long) in the 2010-11 Council and overseeing an election campaign that saw no less than five Conservatives elected to the 2011-12 Council.  I served as the Publicity Director of the Manchester Debating Union in the 2010-11 academic year. I also spoke at the MDU's public debates and represented them at competitions.

I represented the Conservative and Unionist Party at the 2011 Manchester Council elections for the ward of Chorlton Park. I also served one term as area chairman of Greater Manchester Conservative Future.

I have represented the Conservative Party on Radio 5 Live’s Up All Night ‘Young Politicians’ panel, and have also appeared on BBC Radio Manchester, the Tony Livesey show, BBC Radio Scotland, the Nolan Show and 5 Live Breakfast.

I'm of mixed British-Irish descent and hold dual citizenship. My father's side of the family come from around Birmingham. My mother's family comes from County Roscommon in Connaught, and my grandmother was apparently a Catholic monarchist, although I never met her.  I grew up in the Home Counties before moving to Manchester a few years ago to read history at the University of Manchester, and subsequently to Ireland to study a Masters in Modern Irish History at Trinity College Dublin.