Monday, 10 May 2010

A Liberal Conservative and Unionist

The ballots were cast, the results declared, a truly bizarre parliamentary balance has arisen, David Cameron has delivered the greatest swing to the Conservative & Unionist Party since 1931 and... nobody knows quite what will happen, and the Tory Right are getting the knives out for the Cameroons.

This blog was born out of long perusal of the Times and Telegraph online websites, right-of-centre blogs and the news, and observing poster after poster announcing that:

1) If only, if only Cameron had presented the electorate with a vision of Thatcherite purity, the electorate would have flocked to this new messiah and this could have been our 1997, and

2) The rise of an unappealing vein of English nationalism as a new narrative in the paleo-conservative attack on Cameron.

As a member on the liberal wing of the Conservative & Unionist Party, I find the first of these propositions preposterous and the second distasteful. With a lot of the blue blogosphere likely to be giving Cameron's overtures to the Liberals, poor showing in Scotland and attempts to break into Northern Ireland a lot of flak in the months to come, this blog is my attempt to try to provide a different Conservative perspective.

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