Saturday, 16 October 2010

Change to Logo

Long before I took up blogging, I was fascinated by the old c. 1945 Conservative & Unionist logo - I even bought an antiquarian book just to secure a copy of the image. When I founded this blog, I lacked any online image of that logo, so I mocked up my own (see below).
The original is rather more complicated, using the circular-belt vexillographical motif I have as yet not been able to identify. The logo is also slightly different (the clover is used instead of the flax, which I borrowed from the Supreme Court logo). Now that I've finally got an online copy of the image via an ebay item, I'm trying it out as the new profile picture.
I'm a fan of design, so any thoughts on the symbolism and merits of this design (except people pointing out that my version is awful - it was done in paint, and all the letters were rotated in Word, one by one) would be welcome.

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