Thursday, 21 April 2011

Last Orders

 Sadly, Paul, author of A Pint of Unionist Lite, has decided to hang up his laptop and retire from the blogging game. Unionist Lite was one of the blogs that first got me into blogging and supported this blog when it started. His opinions on many issues closely matched my own and his insight into Northern Irish politics was always a pleasure to read. I'm very sorry to see him go.

 Whenever this happens, I always reflect on how changeable the blogosphere is. I've been blogging for not yet one year, and already most of the blogs that inspired me to start - Letters from a Tory, Tory Bear, the exceptional Scottish Unionist and now Unionist Lite have all ceased to be, and Charlotte Gore's postings are growing ever more infrequent. 

 These excellent people need replacing. If any of you reading this have ever considered setting up a political blog, I really recommend you give it a go. Its easy to set up, and whatever your political niche I'm sure there are people who'll help get you started the way Paul and Owen of Three Thousand Versts supported me. I'm also happy to give pointers and advice, just drop me a message via my blogger account.

 In the meantime, I'm happy to report I intend to continue writing for a while yet.

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  1. As the only blogger who has avoided the drama of the AV debate so far and gave me some clear and concise reasons for No2AV, I'm happy to hear you won't be going anywhere just yet.