Thursday, 11 August 2011

Total Politics Blog Awards 2011: Voting is Open

If you want to vote, please read this post first.

For those interested in voting, please follow the link by clicking on the image below. In order to vote you must select at least five blogs and five writers, but that is the only minimum requirement. If the form refuses to allow you to leave without filling everything in, but "N/A" and "Non-Aligned" into the rest of the boxes.

Total Politics Blog Awards 2011

 For those of you thinking of voting for me (and thank you kindly, if so), put "Dilettante" in the blogs section and "Henry Hill - Dilettante" in the individual bloggers section. In both instances, the relevant categories are "Right Wing" and "Conservative".

 If you're not heavily into blogging and can't think of five to vote for, perhaps this might be a good time to explore a few new ones. My blog list on the right contains some excellent blogs, but below is a selection of the ones I'd consider, in no particular order, along with their relevant categories:

Cicero's Songs: Liberal Democrat
Liberal Vision: Liberal Democrat, Right Wing, Libertarian
Nationalist Mythbusting: Right Wing, Non-Aligned, Scottish
ConservativeHome: Right Wing, Conservative, Group Blog
Political Betting: Non-Aligned, Group Blog
New-Right: Left Wing, Conservative, Scottish
Charlotte Gore: Right Wing, Non-Aligned, Libertarian
Byrne Tofferings: Right Wing, Non-Aligned
Three Thousand Versts of Lonliness: Right Wing, Conservative, Northern Ireland
Norman Tebbit: Right Wing, Conservative, Media
John Tyler: Right Wing, Conservative, Wales
The Online Society: Non-Aligned, Group Blog, Media
Nick Cohen: Left Wing, Media, Non-Aligned
Alex Massie: Right Wing, Non-Aligned, Scottish
Coffee House: Right Wing, Group Blog
The Student Journals: Non-Aligned, Group Blog, Media

Enjoy voting!

EDIT: Turns out that you also need to list five writers for your vote to count. Tedious. Here are my five:

Henry Hill - Dilletante: Right Wing, Conservative
Tim Montgomerie: Right Wing, Conservative
Norman Tebbit: Right Wing, Conservative
Nick Cohen: Left Wing, Labour
Alex Massie: Right Wing, Conservative, Scottish

 For you heroes who can still be bothered to vote after reading the process, a round of extremely grateful applause.

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