Friday, 23 September 2011

Dilettante on the Radio: BBC 5 Live's Up All Night

I was invited back on to the Young Parliament panel on Up All Night last night, battling the twin plagues of flu and socialism. Topics covered include nuclear power, the Palestine vote at the UN, alcohol pricing, foreign intervention and the coalition.

My segment starts an hour and a half into the program and runs for 90 minutes.

 Apologies to those who can hear me coughing, I am currently in the throes of a nasty cold. Still, you do not turn down a radio invitation if you ever want another one, so I drugged myself up to the eyeballs and got through it. Other than the coughing and my slowed responses, I don't think I performed badly.

1 comment:

  1. I just listened to the whole thing, sounded great!

    I do wish the Labour girl hadn't been such a belligerent twat though. As a Labour supporter myself I find it a shame that their student voice is always so unprofessional.