Saturday, 26 June 2010

Scottish Conservative Policy

Over at CentreRight Derek Brownlee MSP has asked for contributions towards the current policy debate in the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party. These were my suggestions:

1) Localism: Bring powers down to council level to bring politics closer to the people. Advocate bringing relevant and suitable powers (if any exist) to council level from Holyrood as well as Westminster.

2) Be positive about private and third-sector solutions to problems: Tough one this, but I'm of the opinion that unless you give people a real reason to vote Conservative, they will take all the left-of-centre stuff they want from Labour without the 'noxious' Tory brand.

3) Remain positive on the Union: Emphasise the cosmopolitan nature of British identity and how it incorporates many different cultures and identities. Combat the 'anti-Scottish' label, but do not retreat from the principle of unionism. I don't think calls to build expensive visitor centres for old Scots vs. English battles are going to persuade anyone with nationalist predilections to vote Conservative. Similar to 2: be more positive about your principles, but do not start to try to move into the leftist or nationalist territory of your opponents.

If you have your own suggestions, send away!

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