Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Wall Street Journal on the Big Society

For those who don't read American websites very often, I thought I'd link to this short piece on the WSJ website. It's fascinating seeing the sort of solutions to British problems that can be proposed in an American publication - a real prism for seeing the political differences between the UK and the USA.

Anyway, the WSJ takes a wonderfully Liberal (although they'd not use that word) attitude to the Big Society, and I certainly appreciated the fresh perspective on it: I had not previously understoodthe scale of the potential clash between market liberalism and the big society, for a start. I hope this gets a few more people interested in reading foreign political output if they don't already - it can be truly fascinating stuff.


  1. An interesting article, but one which I heartily disagree.

    But then, I'm one of those 'Red' Tories ;)

  2. And I'm an economic and social liberal, so we're pretty much diametrical opposites despite being in the same party. ;)