Wednesday, 8 September 2010

What can one say?

Thank you. By some unusual twist of electoral good fortune, this blog has somehow made it into the top 100 Conservative blogs in the Total Politics 2010 Blog Awards (actually its the top 50, but there's no image for that). No. 41...

Given that this blog has not been going long, and took a whole month of that time off after the General Election, it feels rather strange to be receiving this sort of accolade, and especially to be breaking into the top half of the ranking. Now I'll have to shoot for no. 1 next year.

Also, a shoutout to O'Neill over at Unionist Lite, who in spite of consistently telling me he's 'unaligned' is still listed as a top-20 Conservative blog, where be belongs. ;)


  1. Now... how do I get this into my sidebar?

  2. I see you managed to get it on;)

    Well done and well deserved.